Yee’s Pharmacy - Your Trusted Compounding Resource!

Yee’s Pharmacy specializes in compounding, and we have been in business for over 40 years. Our pharmacists have received extensive training in compounding techniques and have access to a support network that generates a constant exchange of ideas and innovations. We are active members of the Professional Compounding Centers of America, and were recently awarded the Long Beach Press Telegram’s 2011 Readers Choice Award for “Best Pharmacy”.

Yee’s Pharmacy accepts prescriptions from licensed prescribers via the phone (562) 597-7733, fax (562) 498-1171 (some exceptions may apply), or hard copy. By law, we are not allowed to dispense any compounded medications without an authorized prescription from a licensed prescriber. We would be happy to speak with you regarding questions you may have about compounding or the prescribing process.